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September 18, 2005


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I am currently working on designing an origami werewolf model. Still a very rare model in origami, this one is by Jason Ku:…

Any idea how werewolf should look like? Any input is highly appreciated. If you happen you know or have werewolf pictures that I can use a reference please let me know :D. I am thinking of that werewolf from the movie Van Helsing, the one with rather hunchy back and big mane.

Ok, back to brainstorming :)
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lilluvlyan9el Oct 16, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
broken link?

here's a werewolf! :D [link]
Personally I think the best werewolf is the one from Van Helsing. The one that he changes into is amazing. Other than that I would say that ones that actually look like wolves are cool or take ideas from blizzard with their worgen character from World Of Warcraft. Awesome idea and I love the gryphon you have posted already.
user-name-not-found Jan 31, 2009  Student Artisan Crafter
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a werewolf done by you. as for referances try [link]
Well, if you've ever seen the movie Cursed, the werewolf design in it is pretty spot on how I would imagine werewolves. Ridiculous movie but I love it. XD
Absolutely beautiful work, I really don't know how you do it :)
Mmm, my favorite werewolves actually look like wolves... although I have seen some very different werewolf designs. In the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban they have a more medieval style interpretation of a werewolf... it's very long, skinny and gangly.
A werewolf should have room for looong fangs in its yaw. Werewolfes unable to close their snout always struck me as very silly.
Congratulations on the great sucess! It looks awesome. I hope that it has lived up to what you imagined it to be. +fav in a heartbeat!
Good luck, man!

I tried making one and ended with some kind of lame-ass were-rat... ^^; The one in the link looks really cool, though :)

And I doubt it'll be of any help, but just in case, here's a crappy hairy werewolf I did a couple months ago :) : [link]
Hi Pepius,

Thank's for helping my brainstorming :)
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